June 17th, 2007

. Unification? Reunification? Who cares? He's calling me his gf. Geeee, that's so unreal! Did I really get everything I ever wanted, everything I've been fighting for the past 3 years? We can reach a lot together, I think so too. I never had the feeling that people were made for each other, but in this case the contrary convinces me. Seriously, the situation as it is now has been influenced by many lucky coincidences.

The loss of a person he had feelings for. My (former estimations considered this behaviour being false) weakness of never giving up, other victims who gave up and eventually the unbelievable fact that he fell in love with me. I still don't get why this happened to me now, after such a long period of time, but it happened and I know that he doesn't lie to me. It's just that I know, I don't have to believe it. Amazing. It will be the best summer in my lifetime and the last couple of months were the most powerful and best ever. I love u baby, and finally u got the chance to sense it. Kiss for u and hopefully for a long time!

10.7.08 00:38

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